We print using a full colour dye sublimation process onto 15mm and 20mm ribbon. Here are some simple artwork guidelines, which work with our printing process.

The Ribbon

The diagram below shows the sizing of print and bleed for the different ribbon sizes. This can be applied to lanyards, wristbands and k’dangles. Click here to download the 15mm artwork template and here for the 20mm template.Or click the image.

Video Explanations

Same Front and Back Lanyard

Fixed Position Right Side Lanyard

Matched Sides Lanyard

Two Part Lanyard

Our lanyards are printed with the logo repeated around the ribbon, which means when assembled the logo may be cut or stitched through. However, there are other options to overcome this. For example creating a two part lanyard, like the one below.

This manufacturing option costs a little more, as the lanyard needs to be cut in two pieces (shown left), but ensures the front of the lanyard always shows the same, with the logo/design being alligned.

Different Right and Left

Another option is to create a different left and right lanyard. Which is where the front and back of the lanyard is printed differently. Whether you decide to change the colour or logo. Then when sewn together, the lanyard has a different left and right side. Very smart!